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I think it is inevitable there will be more, says one very well-placed observer in the parliamentary Labour party. Most Labour MPs will stick it out and pray something will turn up to save the party and their skins. Some will do so from the conviction a straightforward analysis of programs in online interview preparation this is the right thing to do and some will not quit parliament because they dont have good alternatives. Not every Labour parliamentarian has a curriculum vitae that would make them a candidate for a city mayoralty or the leadership of one of the worlds great cultural institutions. But I have heard many rumours about Labour MPs who are thinking about deselecting themselves from parliament and I know quite a few who are in a state of personal crisis about their futures. Every time a Labour MP announces that they are off to do something else, it sharpens the questions others ask themselves during dark nights of the soul. Yes, this is often the product of alienation from the current leadership and career disappointment. That doesnt stop it also being a very human story: people asking themselves whether they want to spend an indeterminate and possibly endless number of years in miserable frustration, out of government and powerless to do anything for the people and causes they care about. The decline in the prestige of parliamentarians, and public respect for them, comes into it as well. Shortly before Christmas, one Labour MP, a man of ability who once fizzed with relish for politics, confided that he was looking for a fresh career, saying: I have to ask myself and I know a important elements for good job interview skills simplified lot of colleagues who are doing the same whether this is how I want to spend the rest of my life. The responses to Mr Hunts departure have been instructive.

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